Grow Your Business Through Digital Marketing

We show you tried and tested digital marketing strategies, then tailor them to meet your own unique objectives.

124% increase in new business leads
650% increase in subscribers in 12 months
239% increase in website traffic in 6 months
106% increase in sales from organic search
Jon Minchin - Web Design Client

I know that we can rely on Compose to deliver what they say, when they say and to provide helpful advice that makes a meaningful difference to our business.

Jon Minchin, Consultant, FORM

Using Digital Marketing To Grow Your Business

Create a Plan

We work together to define what you want to achieve and make a plan to help you get there.

Deliver The Plan

We deliver the plan together. You decide exactly how much you want to do and how much you want us to do.

Learn From Results

We use data from your website and campaigns to learn what works best for your business. Then we apply this learning to your plan for the next month.

Grow Your Business

At the end of each month there should be a measurable impact on your business. We provide you with a report of key results every month.

I used to feel overwhelmed by the technology and different platforms available. Pete at Compose has made things work and explained them simply. Now I feel less stressed and have increased my email subscribers and website visitors by 600%.

Elli Johnson, Founder, The Hippochronicles

What's My Investment?

How much money have you wasted on website redesigns and digital marketing that didn’t help your business grow? How many sales are you losing because your website isn’t optimised?

How much could your business grow if you focus on digital marketing opportunities that someone could prove make you more money than they cost?

Every day that you don’t have clarity on digital marketing is another day that your competitors are free to win the business that should have been yours.

Each month we work together to complete a sprint

Focus Sprint

For businesses that are struggling with a specific area of digital marketing.

You need to improve your ROI on Google Adwords.

You want to beat your competitors in organic search results.

You want more leads through email marketing.

Campaign Sprint

For businesses that want to generate more leads or sell more products.

You want to maximise sales opportunities across your website, social media, search and email.

You need strategic help as well as support practically delivering and measuring the success of campaigns.

Complete Sprint

For businesses that believe digital marketing is going to be key to their growth.

You are looking for an extension of your in-house team or are looking to outsource all of your digital marketing.

You know that digital marketing moves fast and want to be confident someone has "got your back" online.

You want someone to continually optimise your website and digital strategy to keep you ahead of the competition.

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Tried & Tested Digital Marketing Strategies

Personalised To Your Unique Challenges

Most clients choose to work closely with us. We prefer it that way because their teams learn about digital marketing from us as we learn about their businesses.

Once we tailor our tried-and-tested strategies to your unique business we will help you to generate leads, to convert those leads to customers, and to convert those customers into advocates for your business who go on to refer you to others.

Email Marketing

Adwords & PPC

Social Media

CRM & Automation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Arrange a Digital Marketing Consultation

A digital marketing consultation is ideal if

You’re struggling to grow your business despite having a strong product or service.

You want to accelerate your existing growth.

You’re starting a new business and want to know whether digital marketing could help you grow.

You are trying social media and email marketing but it’s not generating great results.

You aren’t getting the results that you hoped for from Google Adwords and other paid digital marketing campaigns.

Your competitors are beating you in search results and you worry about how this is affecting your sales.

Initial consultations normally take place over Skype. Alternatively, you are welcome to join us in our office in St Helier, Jersey. The consultation is always free of charge with no obligation.

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