Web Development as You Know it is Dead

The Old Approach

The old approach to web design requires a long design and development process and large upfront costs. The site is designed and a huge volume of content is written and added.

But what happens when things change during the development process?

Your business goals move; you start offering new services; your customers demand new features. The pace of change in business is accelerating and our experience is that costs spiral out of control as designs are changed and new features added. Inevitably, the time frame for development is extended.

Finally, you launch.

Visitors interact with your site in ways you never expected. You now have a costly project on your hands to redesign whole sections of your website if you want to maximise the number of leads you generate.

A year down the line your site is starting to look a bit outdated. You go back to your digital agency and ask for a redesign. The whole process starts again.

For some of our clients, this approach is actually still valid (especially for companies who have a significant web presence already) and we’re happy to work in this way if it is the right thing to do. But for many, it just doesn’t work.

That’s why we lifted the bonnet on the process and designed a new approach that tackles the key challenges head-on.

Our New Approach

We break your project into sprints. Each sprint is a block of work that’s designed to take 4 weeks. Each sprint costs £2,950. You can stop at the end of any sprint so if we don’t get on you’re not stuck with us.

The process for developing a typical marketing site for a business-to-business service company would look something like this.

Sprint 1 : Understanding (3 weeks)

We run a workshop to develop and understand your inbound marketing strategy considering your businesses objectives, your company values, your product or service offering, your buyer personas and your delivery process. We review all of your current inbound marketing activity including your website, social media and email marketing.

At the end of this sprint, we provide you with your  “Game Plan” – a 6-month inbound marketing and content strategy for your business. Part of this plan will include our recommendations for your website.

Sprint 2 : Website MVP (4 weeks)

At the end of this sprint, you have a live website that can start generating leads. We start small by creating a site with between 1 and 4 pages targeting your 3 most valuable keywords and customer personas.

Each keyword and persona combination will have its own page so that we drive as much traffic and convert as many prospects as possible.

By starting small, we can get your website live quickly and start gathering data on what is and isn’t working well for your visitors.

Sprint 3 : Marketing Automation MVP (4 weeks)

Now that your website is generating leads, we need to convert them into customers. By the end of this sprint, we will have designed and set up email marketing automation for your 3 most valuable keywords and personas including on-site content to support your e-mails.

Ongoing Development & Inbound Marketing Support

The launch of your website is just the start of the process. As you see how visitors interact with the site, you’ll want to make changes. We can help with all aspects of ongoing website development and inbound marketing support including:

  • Helping you to measure the effectiveness of your website and making improvements based on the data
  • Developing new content targeting specific keywords and personas
  • Developing new website features
  • Making changes to the design and layout of the website so that it always looks fresh and up to date
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance to keep your website secure
  • Designing, writing and scheduling e-mail marketing and social media campaigns

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