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Grow your business with a website that help visitors find you, prospects choose you, and customers love you.

I used to feel overwhelmed by the technology and different platforms available. Pete at Compose has made things work and explained them simply. Now I feel less stressed, and have increased my email subscribers and website visitors by 600%.

Elli Johnson, Founder, The Hippochronicles

Most Website Design Clients Need Help With

A First Website

You need a cost effective website to test a market.

You need a website that's carefully designed to start getting customers quickly.

You want to beat your competitors in search results.

A New Website

Your website isn't generating you enough business.

Your website is looking a little tired and in need of a refresh.

You’ve had enough of buying a new website every few years. You need a website that will grow with you.

Website Improvements

You need to update your website but it's stressful, complicated, and takes too much time.

You want to get more business through your website.

Your competitors are beating you in search engine results.

You have plenty of website visitors but they aren’t turning into customers.

Our website used to be stressful and was something we avoided. Pete at Compose not only solved the problem, but explained that the website could create income and has come up with a clear plan to make our site shout the loudest. Game changer! Lightbulb moment! Pete is part of our business now and a great asset and friend.

Andrew Harris,

Our Latest Website Launch

As consultants to creative and digital businesses, Form were looking for a web developer to build their new website. Working alongside Form’s design agency, we delivered a completely custom WordPress website, built from the ground up in record time.


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Our clients like to keep us as a bit of a secret so often prefer us not to publish case studies online. If you'd like to see some examples of our best work get in touch and, with our clients' permission, we'll be happy to share some case studies face-to-face.

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A web design consultation is ideal if

You want a website that attracts the right visitors and generates more customers and leads.

You’re thinking about getting a new website but want to make sure you spend your budget wisely.

You’ve noticed your competitors are outranking you in search results and you worry how this might be affecting your business.

You’re struggling to grow your business despite having a strong product or service.

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